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Affordable Preventative Maintenance Plans for Vacation and Short-Term Rentals

We customize affordable preventative maintenance plans for vacation and short-term rentals.

In addition to the services we offer to residential customers, we offer our commercial partners the following;

Monthly Sink Trap Maintenance

Every 3 months or more often if desired, we disassemble the sink traps and thoroughly clean them. On the other months we check for flow and add a non- toxic drain cleaner to each sink.

Toilet/Shower Drain Maintenance

Monthly we can treat these drains with Green Gobbler, a crystal cleaner that professes to break up flushable wipes.

Battery Replacement for:

  • Keyless entry locks
  • Smoke and Co2 Alarms

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Includes all accessible areas of the dryer that don’t require disassembly.

Cleaning of vent pipe to the outside. Replacement of flex tube and clamps as needed.

On the Spot Small Maintenance/Handyman Repairs.

  • Hanging toilet paper holders
  • Loose door hinges
  • Chipped paint
  • Smoke or Co2 detector installation
  • Any small job where parts and time are not an issue

We don’t charge service calls, we do the work when we get there in combination with our other planned tasks.

We charge based on $45.00 per hour and charge you in 1/10ths of an hour for the jobs we do. If it’s a 15 minute job, that’s what we charge.

Additionally we provide the same services to you as we do to residential customers but we provide additional discounts for several things such as the cost of AC filters which we supply. Those services include but are not limited to:

  • AC filter replacement which includes sanitizing the grate.
  • Air Handler Drip Line treatment to prevent mold and blockage.
  • Ring Doorbell installation.

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