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Does Your Dryer Take a Long Time to Dry?

If your dryer isn’t performing like it once did, it is very likely that your vent is clogged. If your dryer takes longer, you are definitely wasting energy and driving your bill up. Clogged vents caused over 16,000 house fires last year. Don’t overpay for dryer vent cleaning. We charge by your home size and length of your vent. Video inspection available.

  • $59.99 for Dryer Vents up to 5 ft
  • $69.99* for Dryer Vents 5 – 18 Ft
  • $89.99 for Dryer Vents 18 – 25 Ft
  • $129.99 for Dryer Vents over 25 Ft or Systems with Blower Fans

*Most Common

Our Services Include: 1st story roof vent cleaning. Cleaning of inside of accessible areas of dryer including vacuuming of floor and back of machine.

Best Price Guaranteed!

$ 69.99*
  • One Time Introduction Offer
  • * Most Homes Only

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