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We Will Clean Your Dryer Vents

Clean out your dryer vent at least once a year with the help of the professionals at Serenity Home Services. If your dryer isn’t drying your clothing and linens as quickly as it did in the past, it is possible that your vent is clogged. More than 15,500 house fires occurred due to clogged dryer vents last year. Reduce your risk by hiring the dryer vent cleaning company Tampa, FL recommends most.

Save on Energy Costs by Removing Lint Buildup

Not only is dryer lint buildup a hazard to your home, but it is also costly. The longer it takes to dry your items, the more energy you waste, meaning the more you pay in energy costs. Keep your utility costs down by recruiting the dryer vent cleaners Tampa, FL residents rely on. Call us today at (813) 515-7062 to schedule dryer vent cleaning services.

Clean Out Your Dryer Vent

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